Connecting to Reality

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Word of Encouragement
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I am feeling as if God is calling me, and many of us followers back to a place of simplicity. There is a common thread running through my life right now. God is not only prodding my heart to be more selfless, hes providing me clear paths to exercise faith, he is essentially calling me closer to his heart.

Last week I left church with the feeling that I had to let go of legitimate pleasures.
My legitimate pleasures are my constant searching of news of the NBA, what going on in the world through the world of CNN. On top of this I watch tv through Hulu. Every week is an addition to last weeks tv drama, on whatever show my wife and I are following.

My home for the last two weeks has been different than it has been in a long time. My wife and I talk again, on a deeper, more connecting level than ever before. It’s not just because we are plugged in to a church of great believers, or we are in the process of working through Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We have simply “powered down” or better yet disconnected more and more each day, from the things we can so easily be distracted from.

The reality of it all is that my home, is not much different than many homes in the U.S., and the other more startling reality is that the majority of Christian households are not that much different in operation and structure. We watch the same t.v. shows, are glued into the same breaking news, and we are spending the same amount of time being “plugged in”.

Disclaimer: I don’t care how much t.v. you watch in a day, how much time we spend doing, or the content. Even that in itself is another discussion….

The Point: If we make more time for entertainment, there is less time for God. I cannont explain to you in great enough detail, how blessed I am to be able to hear from God, experience his peace, and know that he LOVES me. I would not have had any of these experiences this week, had I not made a point of being in communion with God.

However we do this, it needs to happen, otherwise, there really is no point to calling ourselves Christians, if we aren’t being the people God has called us to be. Being like Christ, means in some way or fashion to do as he did.

He talked to God, prayed to God, asked for his guidance, and moved as God called him to.

Can I use my gifts and talents, be his hands and feet, if I’m not presenting myself to be in that position?

Mark Batterson, a great writer, and a person I will hopefully meet says that we need to have vision. An idea for the future, a mission greater than ourselves, that can only be accomplished with God at the helm of it all. I agree with Mark, that there is a new reformation coming to the surface. At the moment there is an underground churning. People are growing restless with being complacent.

Brothers and sisters, lets think about a week with less distraction.

Let’s disconnect from our “things” and get connected to God.


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