Posted: August 14, 2010 in Journal Entry

I have no clue why God gives some dreams, and others over active imaginations. Why does he make some of us prophets, some of us great thinkers, and others able to heal broken backs and damaged kidneys. The answer is of course: God is omnicient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. That is, because we know he created everything, and he stands outside time and space, he operates on plans, wisdom and knowledge which are too great for us to understand.

I have had many dreams which have impacted me greatly this year. Two of them were given directly to me and one was given to a friend of mine.

That dream painted me as a lone warrior on a distant colony on a foreign planet. In short, I lived alone with my family up in the hills of the country, while everyone else lived on the compound. We would have to go out at night and hunt these evil creatures that would sometimes try and invade our perimeter from time to time. One night for some reason, they all decided to launch a planned attack on my home. All I had was a samurai sword to protect my family with, and until daybreak I battled them, until not even one was left to try and smash through my doors and windows. I only had a scratch on me, and yet by the end the house was covered in blood.

-What I got from that dream is that God has made me to be a warrior who will fight for his family. What that looks like for the future I don’t know, I haven’t had any other revelations on that yet.

Another dream I had something to do with sailing vessels, and all I can remember was God telling me to consecrate the vessel. That word phrasing was repeated over and over again until i woke up in a cold sweat.

This dream I wish I had paid more attention to, for I didn’t put much effort into consecrating myself at the time.

This morning I woke up feeling joyful and with a great purpose. I had a dream where I led a prayer at a large dinner, in of all places a Walmart. Afterwards, a man whispered to me something about the catholic church. In the dream I replied to him that I don’t want that power, I don’t want that calling. He replied to me that I had to take the territories that God was giving me.

I’m still not sure on what God wanted me to pull from that dream, or if that even was God sending me a message through a dream. The part that struck me as “odd” was that when I went to get a glass of water, sit down at the kitchen table, and try to make sense of the dream, it hit me all at once about the man in the dream. It was Pastor Beinhe, a man from Haiti who came to speak at my church numerous times, and at least 2 or 3 times I had the privelige of being in his presence. We prayed together one time after a prayer meeting. I never forget a face, and God put it on my heart that it was him. Emotions flooded me and I began to cry and I saw the significance.

A man who has been dead for many months spoke to me in my dreams. He is ALIVE and with God in heaven.

Of course I have had other dreams, some I suspect were from the Lord, but ultimately I can make more sense out of these ones, and these seem very profound and purposeful. My prayer is that God gives me revelation about these dreams, and what I am supposed to take from them.


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