Technology and God

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Word of Encouragement

Technology is our modern day Tower of Babel. I say this jokingly as I type this on an iTouch, and my wife video chats with her mother in another part of the country.

I have witnessed technology transform a nation dramatically. The last election was won by Obama because he took full advantage of he social networks the younger generations seek relationship through.

My hunch is that we are at a crossroads as a people. Christians are just as engrossed in the world as the unsaved. Our social networks might look a little more tame, but at the core of it all, we are spending the same amount of time in virtual realms, being distracted.

The good news is that God uses anything to capture his chosen ones. Email, YouTube, media heavy worship are all also pervading our “religious” world.

This transmission will hopefully reach someones computer screen. Maybe this will resonate, and they will pass this message along.

BEWARE!! Time is running out. The things of this Earth will come to pass. From ashes we came, to ashes we will return.

Where are we spending our time? Who are we keeping company with? Are we seeking to glorify God, or are we seeking the glories of this Earth?

Seek First His Kingdom!



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