Grounded Ambition

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Word of Encouragement

Left to our devices we will find no end to the peaks we seek to climb and conquer…

Dave Harvey writes this in his book Rescuing Ambition:

“Goals may be great esteem boosters and  even solid guideposts, but they also tell us something about ourselves: they reflect desires. Sometimes they reveal a heart that understands God’s word and is ambitously reaching for ways to glorify God. At other times, goals are a monument to an exaggerated self-assessment.”

My list of goals and ambitions are short for the first time in my life. I usually have a vision, and a predicted outcome of doing good in my community or bringing in a necessary income so that I can better provide for my wife and daughter, and the list can go on. My intentions are good on the surface, however my eyes can be on something other than pleasing the Father.

I ask myself, why do I think I need to do this?

Am I trying to glorify the Father, or am I filling a desire for self importance?

Even if this is a Godly thing, is this where God would have me spend my time now?

I am being brutally honest with my ambitions, and praying that God would show me my heart in each matter. A very important part to the equation is actually listening to what God is showing me in prayer, scripture, and through those I hold my self accountable to.

Inviting God into every experience is key to our walk. I always invite God into my messy life experiences. When the car breaks down, the  finances are out of whack, and relationships are not going so well, I  invite God into them, and sadly thats usually after I’ve exhausted my own options.

What happens when I invite God into the midst of the good and the bad situations is amazing. His plan is perfect, and no matter the outcome, it has a rhyme and a reason.

In all of this my heart is the most affected, and that my brothers and sisters is what God is interested in first. He doesn’t need us to do anything for him, there isn’t anything he doesn’t already own, its all his! The choices we make to glorify him are more important than the numbers of souls we can bring to the pews, or the awesome worship music we can create, the wonderful ministry we have planned out.  The picture of my perfect Christian family is not more important than the fragrance of my attitude and my heart posture towards him.

Let’s ask the Lord what gifts, goals and ambitions in our life need to be pursued

Let’s ask the Lord what needs to be laid down at the cross for this season.

Be Blessed.

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