The Next Christian’s Movement

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Word of Encouragement

I am always skeptical when a new book comes out, especially in a time where it is increasingly vogue to comment on a new movement within the Christian community. God is definitely moving, and he definitely is at work in this present day, bringing forth a small number of grounded leaders who have a vision to engage the culture we live in. This book outlines some trends that have either separated Christians from society from culture all together, or have allowed us to blend in with no real distinction, and sadly no real imprint on the culture we are supposed to be introducing Christ to.

Gabe Lyons makes it clear that this movement has just begun, and it is up to this current generation of Christians to start taking the walk seriously and embrace a radical brand of faith and fellowship that actually brings about lasting change.

Gabe Lyons calls this next group of Christians “restorers”, because in whatever setting, they are searching out a way to be the hands and feet for the God who became a man to serve, searching to restore communities, and the many facets of society, in order to make God’s name and identity famous. The book, “The Next Christians” is about servants who aren’t trying to be relevant but counter-cultural, and in a way that is grounded in community, a knowledge of the scripture, and prayer and fasting. He makes it clear that the next Christians will not be perfect, and never will make that claim, but will definitely contend and make it apparent by example,  through good deeds and big hearts, that there is a perfect God and  a perfect Savior.

This is a must read if you are looking to share the true Gospel, and live out the real Gospel in your life. Encouragement, words of wisdom, personal experience, and testimonies are all shared in this uplifting book which charged me to continue going forth to proclaim the truth about God’s everlasting kingdom.

I am now happy to say this book has allowed me evaluate my walk, my doubts and fears, and put them aside so that I can be one of these Next Christians, making the Gospel more of a centerpiece in my life.

Check out the link  and video below for more info.

The  Next Christians Book

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  2. Laura says:

    This book is inspiring for any young Christian who wishes to see the gospel bring redemption to all spheres of culture. I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

    I hope you check out and consider attending the Q Gathering in April. Q offers so many resources to help the Next Christians live out their faith in an extraordinary way.

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