Desiring More of God

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Word of Encouragement

It took way too long to finish an analysis on John Piper’s book titled “Desiring God”.  I first want to start out by pointing out that this book is a good read, however, its a long read, with great amounts of scripture to off set John’s grand thesis of Christian Hedonism.

Christian Hedonism is what this book hinges on, and in his arguements he goes to great lengths to have us as the reader understand that being a Christian allows us the opportunity to take great joy in the Lord. He even goes as far as to say that taking joy in the Lord, in all circumstances is actually a commandment, and that in doing so we fully understand the character of the Lord. John Piper invites us to fight the temptation to make our faith a religion, and maintain it as a relationship full of affections and Love for our Father and maker in heaven.

Overall I think he is spot on and takes a swing at the ultra conservatism that has almost quenched the Holy Spirit, making Christianity lifeless, cold and often distant for many. The life blood of Christianity is a faith in a Savior, who in obedience, joyfully followed his Father’s every command. It wasn’t merely dutiful, it was a pleasure and a joy.

It is with great pleasure that we as Christians are allowed to share in his glory, no matter the trial, tribulation or triumph. Our God is victorious always and thus, we have an eternal perspective that gives us hope, which strenghthens faith.

If you are looking for a quick read steer clear. Give yourself a good couple of weeks to dive into this book, its a good read, and is intellectually stimulating.This is recommended for the Christian yearning to feast on something other than spiritual milk (which, by the way,  is alright for anyone, in any stage of their walk).

God Bless


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