Part of the Whole Sum

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Word of Encouragement

Recently God began a work in me that will finish with me completing a masters program with Liberty Universty. Thankfully its all online, and will take about 3 years to complete. Already I have given the vision of learning from the past, being sharpened as a tool, and being used for this generation. No one knows when Christ will come back, and it’s with that attitude that I will persevere. All the while I learn how to stregthen my family who is essentially my first church, and the most important part of the body of Christ to me. M y wife and daughter are a tremendous encouragement, and I hope I can bless them in return.

An epiphany came to me as I told Laura of the plight the inter-testamental Jews found themselves in. They were in captivity because their forefathers, and leaders forgot or simply took no care in keeping Gods commandments and law. The Jews of this time ( the 400 years after the Old Testament, and right before Jesus was born),  held tightly to a in order to come back into God’s good graces. They were working off their salvation while waiting for the Messiah to bring about a new political and social situation, one without captivity, and a Kingdom under God’s headship. When Jesus came it radically changed their game plan, and the course of history for that matter. Those who were to follow as his disciples, teachers, and theologians for centuries held on to a common notion that Jesus was savior, was the way to true life, and eternal life, served under the pre-tense that they were parts of a whole.


What intrigues me is that as I learn about God’s history, his people and his plan for this world, I learn about how I fit into the equation. Some parts are obviously no brainers. Holding down a job, and supporting my family spiritually, emotionally and physically is the call God has for me, until there ceases to be breath in my lungs. I have some giftings in which I think God wants to move through, and I have a slight idea that I might help lead a generation to call him Abba.  What has caught my attention is that all leaders have seen the cycle of this world in some fashion. With our own uniqueness, we will and must articulate what we see, with the vision God has given. What that looks like I don’t know. What I do know, is prayer and intentional heart living must lead us towards Christ, and “away” from the things that distract, steal, and kill what truth is evident in our lives.

We are part of the whole sum, and without a doubt God is pleased with our efforts, so this leaves no reason to wonder as to how much more God will or won’t love us if we do not perform in the spirit 24/7. We will stumble and grow, fall down, and be humbled. The question is will we take up the “cross”, be used in that moment of being called to a position or task?


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