A Remembrance

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Word of Encouragement

This weekend I heard an awesome message from my pastor Bill Copeland, and not surprisingly I was inspired and encouraged   to bring intense focus on what God is doing in my life. The Hebraic word for remember is not simply a recollection of the past, but an active manifestation of the past to the present. Living in the past is usually the downfall for a human trying to recover or grapple with tough times, however if we relive the awesome victories, and the words of power and truth, those then can become our reality. 

I relived for a moment the CCEF conference my wife and I went to, and how it made a physical, mental, and spiritual impact on my living future. I relived the moments I made efforts to spend time outside of my own confines to enter into what my wife and daughter call “fairy land”. I began to focus my energy into HumbleDown Productions, and began to take myself seriously. I started to answer questions about my worth in God’s kingdom, and what my calling was. This eventually led to the beginning of my journey back into the world of academia, and my first couple semesters at Liberty University as a seminary student.

My question to a friend, a brother or a sister, is really not about the good times and the bad times. It’s not maximizing potential  to be a better you, and it’s certainly not a new resolution.

The million dollar question is: will you commune?

My friend’s father-in-law introduced me to this new idea of relationship where the savoring of the little moments, with loved ones, produced a “love cycle”, where sensitive and timely information was shared and expressed in a manner that bared the soul, and all that made it beautiful and redeemed. In this way life is breathed into and drawn from these relationship building moments. 

Community and relationship with people gave me a better image of what God wanted to do in my life. It never ended up being a happy perfect life with everything ending right side up. It was God’s image and perfection laid on top of an upside down world where nothing is completely right, and know things are wrong because we experience beauty and peace in the midst of the chaos.

What makes more sense now, is that I’ve begun to allow God to [fill in the blank]. I’ve let him in to some torn up places, allowed him to supersede my situations of pain, tragedy, and shame.

I will not forget that God has raised me from many a miry pit, and I will not forget that someday I will be seated in righteousness with Christ the king. I will remember today and tomorrow his perfect plans that are in motion.

Remember and Rejoice.


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