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Guilty, and Guilty again. My newest challenge is to see how I can break open this prison I’ve put around myself, and simultaneously paint a more accurate picture of God.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my faith, or lack of it, has limited what God can do in me and through me. While losing an honest view of my role in this cosmic journey, I’ve forgotten that God is the God of ALL creation. He split the red sea, gave Abraham children way past his prime, and had his son rise after 3 days to save us from ourselves.

As I get deeper into praying, reading his word, and worshiping at home, I find that I’ve missing out on a lot of time. I’m experiencing breakthroughs, noticing miracles my eyes might have been blind to in the past, and I sincerely acknowledge that his presence his here 24/7.

Newsflash: Our circumstances in life, are what we make them out to be. Sort of that glass half empty, glass half full attitude. Is my faith on the things of this world, or Christ our Lord and Savior. I’m giving less weight and importance to my own wisdom and more to the Holy Comforter.

Tommorow’s Recipe for the Day:

A devotional or scripture reading. +
Worship time after work. +
Some reading of Mark Batterson’s book Wild Goose Chase + Family Time+ Prayer, Meditation and Journaling Time with God = a day less focused on myself and my cages (shortcomings, and a day more filled with God and a vision he has for me.

Self Reflecting Question: What keeps me from seeing God for who he really is? What cages have I put myself in that limit my faith in what God wants to do in me and through me?


This week is a very crucial week for me. I am finding that there are times in life where I have to press into God, and rely on him for things I usually rely on myself for. I have two choices, I can do all I can do, and hope things go my way, or I can do all I can do and pray that God works a miracle. I’ve always heard people say he is in the business of performing miracles, and healing hearts. I’m asking God for a provision I have no way of obtaining.

Are there things in your life that only God can bring forth? I mean a healing, a freedom from anxiety, a financial blessing?

This week I am making a choice to focus in on God, and what he wants me to do. It turns out, alot of the time, he just wants to spend more devoted time with him. He might be calling me to fast sometime this week, food, tv or both.

Looking forward to what God is going to do in the next upcoming days.

Be Blessed,


I am feeling as if God is calling me, and many of us followers back to a place of simplicity. There is a common thread running through my life right now. God is not only prodding my heart to be more selfless, hes providing me clear paths to exercise faith, he is essentially calling me closer to his heart.

Last week I left church with the feeling that I had to let go of legitimate pleasures.
My legitimate pleasures are my constant searching of news of the NBA, what going on in the world through the world of CNN. On top of this I watch tv through Hulu. Every week is an addition to last weeks tv drama, on whatever show my wife and I are following.

My home for the last two weeks has been different than it has been in a long time. My wife and I talk again, on a deeper, more connecting level than ever before. It’s not just because we are plugged in to a church of great believers, or we are in the process of working through Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We have simply “powered down” or better yet disconnected more and more each day, from the things we can so easily be distracted from.

The reality of it all is that my home, is not much different than many homes in the U.S., and the other more startling reality is that the majority of Christian households are not that much different in operation and structure. We watch the same t.v. shows, are glued into the same breaking news, and we are spending the same amount of time being “plugged in”.

Disclaimer: I don’t care how much t.v. you watch in a day, how much time we spend doing, or the content. Even that in itself is another discussion….

The Point: If we make more time for entertainment, there is less time for God. I cannont explain to you in great enough detail, how blessed I am to be able to hear from God, experience his peace, and know that he LOVES me. I would not have had any of these experiences this week, had I not made a point of being in communion with God.

However we do this, it needs to happen, otherwise, there really is no point to calling ourselves Christians, if we aren’t being the people God has called us to be. Being like Christ, means in some way or fashion to do as he did.

He talked to God, prayed to God, asked for his guidance, and moved as God called him to.

Can I use my gifts and talents, be his hands and feet, if I’m not presenting myself to be in that position?

Mark Batterson, a great writer, and a person I will hopefully meet says that we need to have vision. An idea for the future, a mission greater than ourselves, that can only be accomplished with God at the helm of it all. I agree with Mark, that there is a new reformation coming to the surface. At the moment there is an underground churning. People are growing restless with being complacent.

Brothers and sisters, lets think about a week with less distraction.

Let’s disconnect from our “things” and get connected to God.

Soul Graffiti

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Book Excerpts
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I watched a documentary years ago, and it was about the art of graffiti.

I call graffiti “art” because in its essence the person who draws on concrete with cans of spray paint is creating something that is visually pleasing.

I remind you, I love hip hop, the truest forms of it that is, and I loved everything about it in the 80’s and 90’s.

The bright colored clothes, the electronically induced music, and of course the break dancing all screamed vibrant and look at me, look at what’s going down under the radar.

That period of time left an impression on me, as it did with a lot of other people here in America.

For that matter, I’m sure with every generation they remember everything as if it were a novelty. My parents talk about getting a Pepsi for 15 cents, buying a whole pack of bubble gum for fewer than 25 cents. The baby boomer generation probably remembers Woodstock and all that it represented like it happened yesterday. For better or worse I remember the Love revolution too, because I listened to Jimi Hendrix in college, and Eric Clapton, and Led Zeppelin. I don’t endorse all of their music, but what I notice is that to this day, we are being influenced by these people and the movements they were apart of to this day. Jimi Hendrix is dead, and so is the lead singer for Led Zeppelin. Both died due to some drug overdose, or something related to drugs. Jimi Hendrix is not remembered for dying due to the fact that he choked on his on vomit. Most people remember him for his riff heavy rock songs that are in commercials and movies everywhere. Rock stars today pay tribute to him by doing covers of his more famous songs. The ones that really followed his music remember him because he played with an attitude that said I don’t care, an attitude that said I’m going to do this one thing as well as I can because I love doing it. From what I know Jimi Hendrix, along with a lot of the other rock stars in the 60’s and 70’s wanted to change things politically and socially. They wanted to leave a mark on history, and most importantly in the hearts of those who were asking the same tough questions. I listened to the hip hop of the 80’s and 90’s asking the same questions people have asked for centuries. Will the poor actually get a chance to get their piece of pie? Is the government really a democracy or a two party system? Does pharaoh really care about the people who are breaking their backs to build up an empire? At my current position in life, I’ve made it a priority to make people who actually have a tight relationship with God my example, but not my savior. There are brothers who are mature in the faith that I look up to, not because they are perfect saints, but because they walk the talk they talk. These men I speak of have left an impression on me, they’ve impacted my life in small and large ways which I don’t enough space here to describe in words alone. I don’t stop there when I think of example, examples that leave an imprint.

John 13:15 reads:
I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. (more…)

Stardust Maker

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Book Excerpts
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Who is this God that has created everything we know and everything we see?
From the ant to the elephant, and from a butterfly to a peacock, and from the most majestic to the simple looking organism, God has created them all, and with such intricate designs our human mind cannot fully fathom. It took God a mere 6 days create everything on earth, land masses and seas alike, along with the skies, which we view down on earth. In these skies we see billions of stars, stars that dwarf our own distant sun. Out there are millions of other planets and celestial things we can only see with giant telescopes. All of this came with his word and a breath that brought movement and life to an entire universe. Our God is an awesome God who is mysterious and practical all at the same time. I think as humans we like to dub him perfection in its most realist form. In the book of Job chapter 38 we witness a mere mortal being confronted by God himself. God asks him a series of questions along the lines of where were you when I was throwing together the period table of elements, the same ones that make up everything you see. God asks this man of virtue because he is in distress, and almost to a point of extreme depression. Job questions God and his motives for his suffering. Job has lost it all as far as he was concerned. He lost the wife, the kids, the 401k, both range rovers, and eventually he lost his pass to the golf club. There was nothing that was left untouched by the enemy. Satan was allowed to take everything but his life. Job was a virtuous man, and God was simply reminding him that God was bigger than all of these circumstances. In today’s world we question God’s motives more and more as we gain knowledge of the things that were presently unknown.
You can have information at your fingertips in seconds. With it we discover that science is making leaps and bounds in the area of stem cell research, and that we are closer and closer to a one world government, a new world order if you will. Just as people did during the renaissance, they searched for higher learning, of the body, the mind, and the spiritual. We’re at a place where we question everything, including God and his ways. I’ve become a toddler who asks my father why must I do everything he says, are we there yet, can I have more? I’ve made the mistake of forgetting who God is, forgetting that I need him. I can honestly say that I have never missed a meal in my life, I’ve never been in danger of sleeping in the street, and my back has always been covered by fashionable threads. (more…)

Creature Comforts

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Book Excerpts
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I was born in January 1985, to a woman and a man. Scientifically speaking, I’ve got my traits, and my predispositions which come from them. They decided to raise me in the suburbs even though they were immigrants from far away Caribbean islands. I grew up in a particular environment with a particular set of rules. I grew up, the best I could with what I was given, and I became what you would call a regular red blooded American. The way I handle conflict and confrontations are also governed by these rules I abide by.
I thank God for the new eyes and new heart he gave me when I decided to follow his ways.
Life in the world is tough; I find it difficult to imagine my life moving without Christ, without direction and headship. Every person breathing, thinking, and interacting in this beautiful world operates the same way I do, deciphering between right and wrong, and navigating in the relationships we choose on a day to day. My life is not predicted by these philosophies, but all in all, most productive citizens try very hard to drive on the right side of the road, and not run through stop signs when anyone is looking. My personal passion and desire in life is to be accepted, while maintaining some of my more quirky features. Along with that, I want to be successful at whatever God calls me to do, I want to be a great father to my daughter, and be a husband that pleases my wife and especially God. On the exterior, I am no different than any other man. My personality, the size of my bank account and the school I went to are only some of the things that make me different. Deep down, I want to be loved, and as a man I especially crave respect. In their last days in the garden Adam and Eve were good, that is, what God had created including them was deemed good. The word good denoted that they were in good working order, and were able to relate to each other, relate to God, and perform their basic functions properly. The old serpent came on the scene, with all his crafty ways, and his forked tongue, he had all sorts of lies on his tongue. God had specifically told the two knuckleheads that if they ate the fruit they would surely die. There was no maybe, or an if clause there. At that present state, before they ate the fruit, it seems they had a predisposition to a humanness we know today. They were naïve, and could easily be deceived by only the use of words. God knew this, and still called them good. I’m sure in that state, before the fall, they wanted to please God, and take orders like good little people. The term ignorance is bliss applies here, for once the two ate the fruit they suddenly got a rush of information they didn’t need. Their knowledge of their nakedness signified that they could see difference; they could also understand pride, shame, and even the emotion of defensiveness. In Genesis God curses them, and changes up the rules on them a little bit. He makes it so the serpent is their enemy, he makes it so the man has to painfully toil, and he makes it so the woman will have pain when she bears offspring. God allows us to know what he wants us to know through the scripture, but if we take a close look we can infer that the man and the woman could have been interacting sensually already. When God says that the woman’s desire would be for the man, and he would rule over her, the man then got put into a role of authority. The bible is not completely clear about their understanding of truth at the pre-fall point, but we can assume they were in harmony. It wasn’t until this all happened that he gave her the name Eve, because then she would become the mother of all the living. From that point on we got all of the things we humans are not proud of. In the later stories of Genesis we see clearly what this knowledge of good and evil really can do to us. We can kill our brother in anger, and we can live for centuries forgetting God ever created us, forgetting what happened in the Garden. When the scripture talks about the flesh, this is what God refers to. Not our physical stature, and our condition that is human, but the inner dwellings of the man that makes us understand jealousy, pride, joy, happiness, anger, hate and everything else that makes us wonder where our parents went wrong when we were children. (more…)